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For a lavish cinema experience, nothing beats the pampering indulgence of our Grand Class!

With 36 reclining leather armchairs at GC Al Hamra luxury Center, and 18 seats at GC Gate Mall, the Grand Class theater gives an unbeatable feel of coziness and comfort.

Specially designed to ensure optimal viewing and privacy to make it your unwinding journey into the movie world. Grand Class ticket offers a serving of Edamame and Hallab Baklawa sweets. What’s more! when you feel like munching some popcorn  just press the buzzer at your arm side and the Butler will come straight to your seat.

The next time you feel like disconnecting for a couple of hours, just pick up the phone and book your seat.

Grand Cinemas Al Hamra Luxury Center: 222 70 333

Grand Cinemas Gate Mall: 220 56 464