(Raouf) is the illegitimate son of (Salim Ahel), one of the most important arms dealers in Egypt. His role is to be the man, The one in the dark, the one who ends all illegal tasks, the most important of which is murder. His biggest enemy is his brother: (Fares). Raouf has one last chance from his father to recognize him legally, which is to kill Amina, the daughter of the family lawyer. She threatens the family, after Raouf killed her father before, and Amina was unable to determine the identity of the killer. Raouf discovers that Fares wants to kill him before he is recognized and shares the inheritance with him. Raouf meets Amina. Who does not yet know that he killed her father, and instead of killing her, he helps her escape and runs away with her, so that the two enter into... A bloody chase by "Fares" and his men. A chase in which they fall in love, and they have two choices: Raouf abandons his dream of being officially recognized, or does Amina abandon her intention of revenge?

Cast: Main Actor: Asser Yassin Main Actress: Amina Khalil Actor: Khaled Elsawy Actor: Adam ElSharkawy Actor: Mohamed Tharwat Actor: Mostafa Darwish Actor: Mahmoud El Sarrag Actress: Huda ElMufti (Special Guest)
Director: Amr Salama
110 mns
Action | Romance