The children drop out of the sky as babies and they end up at “Rateeba’s” orphanage. They grow up in harsh circumstances and without education, but “Sukkar” makes sure to dream with them about a better life when they see children passing in a school bus. Sukkar and her friends pass through child Labor because of their jobs that need so much effort and energy. Each child works in a different job so they would get a small amount of money for Rateeba. The board of trustees arrive to the orphanage for the annual adoption event. After having a talent show amongst the children, one of the trustees “Abou Dahab” adopts “Jazara”. Sukkar discovers that Jazara is mistreated in his new house, so the children embark on a journey to save Jazara from captivity

Cast: Magda Zaki, Hala Turk, Mohamad Tharwat, Moataz Hesham , Wedeema Ahmad , Reham Al-Shanawany , Yasmina Al-Abed, Mohamad Al Harby, Bafly Remon, Maria Jomaa, Hajar Mohamad , Khaled , Abdallah
Director: Tamer Mahdy
87 mns
Drama | Musical